Modular Shop Design

Creating an attractive shop design while being cost-efficent and keeping a high shelf density at the same time – this shop project for mobile phone provider mobilcom-debitel unites highly contrasting requirements to form a coherent concept.

mobilcom-debitel: Detail von einem Wandregal. Design von Preussisch Portugal
mobilcom-debitel: Detail von einem Tisch. Design von Preussisch Portugal

The new shop design consists of single, easily interchangeable wall elements on a supporting axis. Clearly structured product groupings arise as a result that facilitate customer orientation inside the shop. The time spent in the shop has doubled with the launching of this new shop concept. Above and beyond this, the system provides a power supply and theft protection at any position to the benefit of a flexible and highly diversified product presentation.

The shop window presentation has been revised as part of the overall concept, too. A flexible plug-in system enables varying combinations of product displays and decorative elements to be added to depict new themes. In addition, the modular system behind the design makes a simple transfer possible to fit different-sized windows and different shop types. Lighting and theft protection that can simply be plugged into sockets are equally integrated into the product showcases.