Interior Design “Handelstage 2015”

At the annual Parador in-house trade show the company presents its product innovations and welcomes partners and wood specialised dealers from all over the world. For the show in 2015 Preussisch Portugal was commissioned with creating a new interior design for the exhibition space at the Coesfeld headquarters. The style of the interior design is oriented to a temporary pop-up look and feel.

Parador Detail der Ausstellungsflaeche, von Designagentur Preussisch Portugal
Parador Ausstellungsfläche, von Designagentur Preussisch Portugal

The interior design concept comprises a total of 2000 m². At the exhibition visitors can get acquainted with new products, innovations and services. As communication between business partners in the trade is an essential factor, the overall atmosphere is deliberately designed to be down-to-earth, friendly and relaxed.

Euro-pallets were consequently chosen as a key element to create a temporary and improvised style for the exhibition. The form of product presentation varies in order to focus on different product features such as sustainability, design and innovation. The aim is to create a diversified and stimulating exhibition experience.

Parador: Detail von einer Deckenskulptur, Design von Preussisch Portugal
Parador Detail: Tisch mit Baumringen, Konzept von Preussisch Portugal

Special focus is placed on the round table displaying the company's history and brand values. Mounted above the table is a sculpture made of 1080 wooden poles in the shape of a wave.