Shop-in-Shop Systems

Wallpaper manufacturer rasch sells many collections in co-operation with licensed brands. They include, for example, Barbara Becker home passion, Freundin Home Collection and Villa Coppenrath. Preussisch Portugal developed matching shop-in-shop systems for each brand that can be implemented on varying retail spaces. All of the concepts are based on a modular system and offer a range of decor options.

Barbara Becker home passion from rasch offers collections of matching home environment products ranging from wallpaper to paint and textiles. The collections are presented in a modular shop-in-shop system that can be adapted to retailers’ specific requirements. The shop system can be placed in DIY stores or at specialised retailers, always providing a high recognition factor and brand consistency.

The licensed brand “Freundin Home Collection” offers perfectly matched collections of wallpaper, fabrics and curtains. The stair-like product presentation and a unique material concept form a background for a homey presentation of different collections. A regular updating of products and merchandise holders is enabled simply and flexibly by exchanging the goods, samples and areas for communication.

rasch is presenting a children’s wallpaper collection in co-operation with book publisher Coppenrath under the “Villa Coppenrath” brand umbrella. The shop system resembles a house in a child’s drawing with simple and clear lines. Inside, five heroes from Coppenrath’s books (“Captain Sharky”, “Princess Lilifee”, “Rebella”, etc.) are jointly presented. The product samples are positioned at a lower height so that young customers can easily find their favourite decor.

Kinder-Tapetenkollektion für Villa Coppenrath: Designkonzept von Preussisch Portugal
Kinder-Tapetenkollektion für Villa Coppenrath: Designkonzept von Preussisch Portugal