Brand Relaunch

Already in its 6th and 7th generation, the northern German company Joh. Heinrich Warncke GmbH is known for the high quality and craftsmanship of its solid wood floorings. The values, reliability, tradition and quality associated with this reputation were supposed to be interpreted in an up-to-date manner within a new corporate design scenario. The brand relaunch included a new corporate design as well as a product brochure and imagery.

Preussisch Portugal and BRANDFÖRDERND are responsible for relaunching the Warncke corporate brand along with the product brand “Solum” that covers the assortment of solid wood floorings. Apart from redesigning the logo, the newly developed brand system consists of a matching colour scheme and a unique typographie.

Imagebild für Warncke von Preussisch Portugal
Imagebild für Warncke von Preussisch Portugal

A major part of the brand relaunch was the development of new images that create an optimal setting for Warncke products. Different locations around Hamburg were chosen as settings for authentic and modern home interiors. Preussisch Portugal was responsible for organising the shootings, art direction, choosing the locations and decoration.

In addition to the new corporate design scenario at Warncke including new logo and iconography, a high-quality product brochure for the “Solum” brand was designed and implemented.