Store concept

The modular store concept for Gravis' 41 stores across Germany was first implemented as a prototype in Munich. The company's transformation is reflected in the new spatial concept. Physical product presentation and digital product information are interconnected. The company's sustainability efforts are also made visible in the store space.

Gravis Store-Konzept: Welcome Tresen
Gravis Store-Konzept: Blick in den Warehouse Bereich
The most important feature of the store concept is the division of the space into a showroom and a functional warehouse area. On the showroom side, the product highlights can be experienced. On the warehouse side, the right accessory product can be found quickly. The customer can experience the two areas through material differences in shelves and flooring.
Gravis Store-Konzept: Materialboard mit verschiedenen Grüntönen
Gravis Store: Nachhaltigkeitswand
In the store, Gravis communicates the brand's sustainability strategy on a specially created presentation wall. Topics such as ecological production standards, reuse of materials or recycling of old devices are explained here ( Resource conservation also plays a role in the choice of materials for the store system. Sustainability means thinking in cycles. As a result, the new store concept uses as many materials as possible with a high recycling rate.
Gravis Store: Smart Home Lounge
Gravis Store: Highlight und Smart Home Wand
Online activities are transported seamlessly into the stationary space. In the Smart Home Lounge of the new store concept, digital products can be tested on site. In contrast, the online store, which can be operated by touchscreen, serves as a virtual extension of the product shelf. On the new highlight wall, products from the current Gravis campaign are presented and enhanced with digital content and apps for testing the functions.
Gravis Store: Produktpräsentation
Gravis Store: Produktpräsentation Showroom Vitrine