Hybrid banking concept

The northern German bank „KSK Lauenburg“ has added a new hybrid retail service to its portfolio. The new video chat system inside the bank branch helps customers to carry out simple banking services even outside the regular opening hours. Preussisch Portugal developed a design concept for the box together with Implizit.

The aim is to draw attention to the new service and to create an incentive to enter. The desired discretion is achieved through cleverly integrated technology and an appealing atmosphere.

The new video counter is located in the foyer of the bank next to the ATMs. When entering the glass box, an employee from the bank's direct banking centre appears on the screen. The door of the box can be closed automatically and the panes are made opaque with the help of a switchable film. The good room acoustics also ensure discretion - the conversation between advisor and customer cannot be overheard in the foyer. The light and the homely materials in the interior also contribute to making the service experience as pleasant as possible.

In order to make customers aware of the hybrid retail service, various advertising measures were developed together with Implizit. The focus was on two key advantages: service outside the bank's opening hours and the possibility to avoid queues inside the branch. The new service is currently being tested in two different locations in Schleswig Holstein. If the introduction is successful, it will be transferred to other branches in the future.

* Hybrid banking: the combination of offline and online banking services, i.e. the mixing of traditional bank advice at the counter with online banking services and new technology.