New Brand Apperance

Preussisch Portugal & BRANDFÖRDERND have created a new corporate design for the sports betting company Tipico. This included redesigning the logo, introducing a new typography and brand elements, as well as a new approach to imagery.

Tipico Logo: Corporate Design von der Designagentur Preussisch Portugal
Tipico Markenrelaunch von der Designagentur Preussisch Portugal aus Hamburg
Tipico-Card: Design von der Agentur Preussisch Portugal aus Hamburg
Tipico- Sponsoring-Einsätze: Design von Preussisch Portugal aus Hamburg

In addition to new stationery and a corporate brochure, the design has been optimised for sponsoring activities such as LED panels around football stadiums. The adaptation to various merchandising items and the car fleet were also part of the design process.

(in cooperation with BRANDFÖRDERND)

Stadion: Tipico-Banden-Branding von der Designagentur Preussisch Portugal
Tipico-Logo von der Designagentur Preussisch Portugal aus Hamburg

Preussisch Portugal developed a branding system and luminous signs in order to standardise the exterior design of the betting shops. Oliver Kahn flagship stores received a special exterior design displaying a high brand impact.

At the Allianz Arena Tipico has its own, brand-specific event box because the brand is a premium partner of the FC Bayern München team organisation. A red diagonal line divides the box into two parts: betting shop and VIP lounge. Bets can be placed at betting machines before and during the match.